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Disco BallSchool Dances & Proms

My name is Keith Henderson. I have been providing North Carolina and Southern Virginia with a state-of-the-art, dependable Mobile DJ Service for over 23 years and have performed at over 700+ Weddings and too many Parties and School Dances to remember. I will work hard to make you next event a success and make you, the planner, look great for booking the best!
Call me today for available dates. (336)214-5829

Proms, homecoming, graduation or the weekend high school dance--these are the memories that will stay with us forever. Whatever your needs in terms of music or other forms of entertainment, I can provide it for you.

Crowd Interaction

School DanceThe amount of interaction I provide depends greatly on the school. Typically, for elementary and middle schools, I am very outgoing and interactive by providing games and contests for the students. I highly recommend that the school provide ten to fifteen door prizes for this approach, as it is the students incentive to participate in the games and contests I can supply some of the prizes. In contrast, at most high school events, I am there to provide my awesome sound and lighting system, and play the music the students want to dance to! In most cases, high school students are not interested in games and contests, but I am happy to provide this approach upon request.

School PromHere is a list of my School Dance Rules.
They apply to any School Dance I do!

  • I will not play anything brought in from a car due to having no idea what will be on it so they need not bring their own music.

  • I use only clean radio edits but cannot do anything about 200 students filling in the blanks. I try to avoid these songs altogether.

  • I will not play anything I feel is inappropriate for the evening or age group.

  • I do not allow students back behind my table due to the amount of wiring on the floor and it will be mostly dark behind me.

  • I will switch from Music Video to Camera on the Crowd when I feel the Video is not appropriate for the evening or age group.

  • I will stop the music immediately if a disruption in the crowd develops. This includes fights, throwing objects or anything I feel could injure someone.

  • I will not play any head banging music that kids could start slam dancing to. (eg: Korn, Limp Biskit, Metallica, Ozzy) Remember this is a SCHOOL DANCE!

  • I DO take request and try to fulfill them all if they are again, appropriate.

  • I will have a pad and paper for kids to write their request on and will try and play them in the order they come in. But at some point I will no longer be able to handle request due to time restraints.

  • I try not to repeat songs just because someone got there late and it was their favorite. If I can work it in later in the evening I try to accommodate.

  • I DO NOT allow anyone to give a "shout out" as they call it to anyone in the crowd using my microphone for several reasons like you never know what a teenager might say and screaming into a quality microphone will rupture the diaphragm of the mic.

Hey! MaccarennaAll I want is for your school kids to have a fun, safe and memorable evening so they can say...
I want THAT DJ for our NEXT dance!